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€ 9,90
A traditional dish said to bring good fortune, especially if eaten in good company.

Sweet Greetings

€ 19,90
For those who unashamedly revel in their love of sweetness: high quality indulgence in delight.

Panettone Cake And Sparkle

€ 22,90
A classic festive toast: glasses full of sparking Asti Spumante and mouths full of soft, perfumed panettone cake!

A Mouthwatering Christmas

€ 25,90
A selection of typical products which have contributed to the global fame of Italy's irresistible gastronomic genius.


Eataly Sweetnessy

€ 29,90
A selection to make connoisseurs of sweetness purr as they raise their glasses.

Pastas By Maccaroneria Di Gragnano

€ 29,90
All the goodness of premium quality ingredients, extruded through bronze instruments and left to dry slowly.

The Eataly Dispensa

€ 35,90
Let Eataly choose for you, selecting the most delicious quality products that no larder should be without, for the pleasure of others or yourself.

Christmas Sweetness

€ 39,90
Everything you need for drinking exquisitely sweet Christmas toasts.



€ 39,90
Profits from the sale of this product go to support the CasaOz project, which provides hospitality for seriously ill children and their families.

Delicious Festivities

€ 46,90
Make it a truly festive season: grace your table with the best that Italy has to offer, and share the joys of taste and conviviality.

A Mouthwatering Christmas

€ 55,80
Truly special creations from Italian tradition: authentic quality refined by generations of passion and expertise.


An Organic Christmas

€ 59,90
A selection of items with organically produced ingredients, offering the joys of nature's tastes to environmentally aware diners.

Eataly Treats

€ 69,90
Exquisite delicacies selected from Italy's traditions: a festive celebration of taste.

Flavours From Lombardy

€ 85,90
Be sure your gift is original as well as superb: memorable gastronomic treasures from Lombardy.


Christmas Dinner

€ 99,90
Everything you need to serve up an unforgettable Christmas dinner, from starters to dessert...

Viva l'Italia

€ 139,90
A gastronomic journey through Italy's supreme regional specialities.

Eataly'S Treasures

€ 199,90
Be remembered for this most generous of gifts: every item a connoisseur's dream come true.


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