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The Gift for those who love? Earthy Tastes


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Here's a gift idea for those who love typical earthy tastes. Among these: Colfiorito Lentils from La Valletta, with their typical size that makes them unique and different from the others; Pear Mostarda, a product related to the typical agricultural tradition of Mantua, with a balanced spiciness; Nonna Peppa's Artichokes from Alicos, made accordingly to the ancient trapanese recipe.

The Asparagus Risotto from Cascina Belvedere, without preservatives or monosodic glutamate; the Leek and Potato Risotto from Cascina Belvedere with selected raw materials, ready in just a few minutes; the 100% Italian Wheat Striped Penne from Afeltra, kneaded with water from the Lattari Mountains, bronze-drawn and slowly dried for 48 hours; the Tomato and Vegetable Sauce from La Dispensa di Amerigo, made with fresh tomatoes and freshly picked and carefully selected vegetables; the Mushroom Mix with Porcini Mushrooms from Dario Previdi, obtained from carefully selected mushrooms preserved with olive oil; the Red Onions and Orange Peel from Le Tamerici, with typical raw materials from Mantua?s area, almost forgotten nowadays; the Rustic Soup from La Valletta, rich with the best local cereals and beans.

Manufacturer Eataly
Prodotto in Italy
Region No
Ingredients Asparagus Risotto 250gr:Rice, onion, celery, carrot, parsley, extra virgin olive oil, maize starch, miso (soy, rice, water, salt, koji), asparagus 2.8% yeast extract, spices.
Cipolle rosse e scorza d'arancia 120g:Red onion 66%, sugar, 1.5% orange peel, raisins, lemon juice.
2331 120g:Pears 54%, sugar, aroma.
Mixed Mushrooms with Porcini 280g:honey mushrooms (nameko) 25%, straw mushrooms (volvaria volvacea) 25%, shiitake 15%, porcini mushrooms (edulis and rel group) 5%, olive oil 29%, wine vinegar, salt, sugar, acidifier: citric acid; antioxidant: ascorbic acid.
Rustic Soup 500g:Pearl barley 40%, Pearl spelt 30%, Lentils 30%. Allergens: contains barley and spelt (gluten).
65416 180g:Artichokes 60%, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, garlic 0.5%, mint 0.3%. acidity regulator: citric acid.
Colfiorito lentils 0,5kg:Lentils 100%. Allergens: may contain traces of gluten.
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This box contains: Le Tamerici, De Carlo, Belvedere, Afeltra, La Dispensa di Amerigo, Dario Previdi, La Valletta.

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