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Long Grain Mix 1kg

Gli Aironi

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The long grain mix from Gli Aironi is a mix of long grain rices: whole grain rice, basmati rice: whole grain red rice and wild rice, also known as Canadian wild rice.

The mix selected by Gli Aironi is particularly aromatic and rich in nutritional properties thanks to the high content of fibre from the whole grain varieties, and the mineral salts and vitamins.

This mix is perfect for making unique dishes with a delicate flavour, in particular together with fish, vegetables or white meat dishes, steam cooked or as rice pilaf.

SKU 80259
Manufacturer Gli Aironi
Prodotto in Italy
Region No
Peso netto 1
Price/Kg €6.90 / Kg
Ingredients Italian whole grain long rice, Italian whole grain red rice, Canadian wild rice (Zizzania palustris), Italian whole grain basmati rice. For more information on product labels, please contact our Customer Service department. The information on the labels of the products may vary for reasons beyond our control, therefore, there may be discrepancies between the information on the site and that on the products delivered. Please always check the information on the product before consumption or use.

Manufacturer History

The experience gained in five generations of rice growing has produced its best results in the "Grange" district of Vercello, where the Perinotti family has dedicated its existence to improving crop conditions on the Tenuta Pracantone farm. Until a few years ago Italian rice farming was based on high volume production and the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which clearly impacted negatively on grain quality and threatened the very survival of the animal species supporting the paddy field ecosystem. Only after the adoption of more gentle farming techniques did the grey herons - once risking extinction - begin to repopulate the rice fields. These are the majestic birds that Michele Perinotti chose as the emblem of Risi&co, which prizes itself on its "eco-compatible production model" based on the EU agri-environment regulation.

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