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Rossella Chocolate Bar 50g


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To make the Rossella Modica organic chocolate bar Sabadì chose to use Sanguinello blood oranges, a late ripening variety that is largely forgotten today despite being widely cultivated in the past was widely grown in the past and has a distinctive intense aroma, bright red peel and high contents of precious essential oils. It's the flavour of this orange cultivar combined with that of prized Arriba cocoa that makes this chocolate quite unique and perfect to savour slowly and keep with you for a high quality snack during a break in the day.

SKU 47444
Manufacturer Sabadì
Prodotto in Italy
Regione Sicilia
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Price/Kg €72.00 / Kg
Ingredients Bitter cocoa paste - origin: Ecuador - variety: Nacional fino de aroma; cane sugar; Sicilian blood orange rind (min. 2.5%). Cocoa 60% minimum. All organic ingredients. For more information on product labels, please contact our Customer Service department. The information on the labels of the products may vary for reasons beyond our control, therefore, there may be discrepancies between the information on the site and that on the products delivered. Please always check the information on the product before consumption or use.

Manufacturer History

Sabadì, as asserted by the maker, is that perhaps imaginary day when life slows down and we are able to appreciate the little things. The cornerstones of the Modica firm are slow living, passion for high quality chocolate, and a supply chain based on fair trade and Slow Food presidia, which supply the certified organic ingredients used to make the products. That's why Sabadì went to Ecuador and chose an Arriba cocoa variety called Nacional Fino de Aroma Arriba Superior Summer Selected, which has exceptional properties. The firm then processed this fine ingredient to create an innovative line of flavoured chocolates, which it offers in eight delicious blends that Eataly was simply unable to resist.

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